Saving the Next Generation for Christ in America

Love and Live Truth

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32


We are committed to educating patriots, parents, and grandparents concerning the radical agenda launched against the next generation and exposing those atrocities and ideologies permeating our society and culture.

We are committed to teaching others how to become active and live out their God-given call for ‘such a time as this’ to save the next generation.

We are committed to protecting, building, and establishing on the firm foundation of God’s Word, our families, and our God-given institutions. 


Be involved in our children’s education.


Be active and be the voice they hear.


Build our families on a firm foundation.


Reshaping our own perception of how we view ourselves allows us to step up as patriots and take the lead!


We organize, evangelize, and help drive the vision of patriotic partners. Please help us!

Help us raise money for patriot causes

4-5 November, 2022

REAWAKEN America Tour – Missouri

6 November, 2022

Mark Thompson – Chili Supper Fall Fundraiser

20-21 January, 2023

REAWAKEN America Tour – Nashville

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We want to work with you.

  • Everyone has heard the phrase, it takes a village to RAISE your children, but we say it will take an army to SAVE your children if nothing is done
  • That is why WE WANT the Brave and the Bold
  • Please partner with our State Team Building Outreaches to build local, grass roots coalitions in the fashion of an army of parents and Americans
  • Simply partner with us by filling out our form and allowing us to share the vision needed to restore this nation for God and Country.
  • Our partners to us are VIPs so why not throw your hat in the ring and help us fight, partner!
  • NOTE: Giants lose their heads too! All that took was a bit of faith, 5 little stones, and a powerful weapon to rid the head and a big problem. We see lots of those and ask for your help! PARTNER TODAY


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Help us raise money for our
patriot causes